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Youth Inclusion – By Halanga Adam

On a daily basis a number of youth support groups and various individuals across the country rally for youth inclusion and empowerment. Fortunately, this song appeals to most youths if not all, and we all dance along enjoying the tune and the beats. “What exactly is the meaning of that song?” That’s the million-dollar question we all seem to be concerned about.

The youths have to be involved in major development programs and also in policymaking. This has been the song no one seems to be able to clearly break down. Masses have continued to move in the wrong direction in solidarity with our “youth leaders” chanting slogans that only they understand in all perspectives. A sample of the youths has been brought on board to positions set aside for youth and this has been embraced as a great step towards youth inclusion. The government and other stakeholders have formulated policies and other strategies through the Ministry of State and Youth Affairs just to ensure matters affecting the youth have been looked into.

On the other hand, non-governmental organizations have come up to help roll out programs aimed at containing the youth bulge. These programs have been embraced in various sectors and they include entrepreneurship programs, scholarly programs (tertiary and higher learning), counseling, talent search, and cultivation among other programs. These have helped a great deal and the narrative is changing by the day.

Youth inclusion entails more than we are already doing and it needs some things done right for it to have meaning. Youth inclusion involves the youth being empowered to identify challenges facing youths across the country, find solutions that are sustainable, and independently formulate informed policies and strategies. The legal procedure should be youth-oriented not forgetting other civic duties. Most importantly, the youths have to be properly educated and create an enabling environment to foster their ascension to key positions in government and the society at large.

Youth inclusion in Kenya is a paramount aspect necessary in the process of brightening our future as a nation. Youth account for a greater percentage of the population and their inclusion in the government is the most important step towards realizing the Vision 2030 Agenda and containing the numerous problems that are almost weighing us down and having us wallow in unending debt. Give meaning to youth inclusion, save the nation.

Written by Halanga Adam