Explore how we bring our vision to life by focusing on three key program pillars: Devolution and local accountability, Politics, tech, and rights, and Youth Employability, skilling, and mentorship, aiming to foster an informed, liberated, and engaged society living in dignity within a democratic framework.

1. Devolution & Local Accountability

Fuatilia Ahadi

The program aims to create a democratic monitoring mechanism to evaluate and report on the government’s manifesto progress, using data-driven insights to inform policy and legislative decisions for better governance; in line with these, the program developed a tracking tool and trained county-based youth organizations on tracking budget processes, improving their understanding of issue identification and advocacy strategy development.

Additionally, the program initiated a mentorship program for six county-based youth organizations, including Ajenda Kenya (Mombasa), Girls to Women (Kakamega), Tilil Environmental Group (Kericho), and Mukuru Social Justice Center (Nairobi). The mentorship aimed to assist these county-based youth organizations in enhancing their structures, ensure effective implementation tracking, raise public awareness, and hold the government accountable for its promises.


Imara Africa is a one year leadership program being implemented in partnership between Siasa Place, Africa Youth Leadership Forum, and Mark Appeal. The program brings together young people from across the country, with the aim of imparting the necessary knowledge and skills required in public service as ‘service’. By the end of the program, these young leaders will champion the culture of meaningful public participation and responsive National and County Governments. First cohort has 24 youth trained in policy.

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Defend Record Yako is a pilot project seeking to promote collaboration between youth and the county government of Kericho in planning and execution of development plans within the respective wards. The project will be implemented within The County government of Kericho between January 2020 and December 2020 and targeting organized youth groups and Members of the County Assembly.

The project is expected to capacity-build youth leaders on tools and methods through which they can better organize around public participation in governance to build a better working relationship with the leaders hence creating an enabling environment for effective engagement between youth and County leaders.


This program seeks to improve youth participation in the country with a focus in Nairobi, Kitui, Lamu, Kericho, Busia and Homa bay County. It intends to ensure that young people become part and parcel of the governance process. It will involve training community youth leaders, student leaders, social administrators and political party youth leagues as to how they can use their different platforms to increase youth participation in the 6 counties.

It was also create different platforms for engagement between the youth and leaders in the countries such as community barazas, people dialogue forums both at the county and National level. The program will also help to identify governance concerns ammong young people and create a committee known as office of the citizen to follow up. Additionally it will support social media engagements on all the 6 counties on matters of governance.

2. Politics, Tech & Rights


Ethical Tech Ecosystem for Human Rights (ETHER), is a program that aligns with Siasa Place’s strategic focus on youth employment, engagement and technology’s political implications. The overarching aim of the project is to foster a safe, empowering and human right-complaint labor market within Kenya’s tech and related industries.

Siasa Place has been an advocate for fair labor practices in the gig economy and platform work. Supported by the Ford Foundation, we are in the process of advocating for the recognition of digital labour as work and all the benefits that a worker should have access to. We have also shone a spotlight on the challenges of content moderation in Kenya; and are advocating for enactment of regulations that can ensure big tech companies respect, protect and promote human rights.

Binti Na Siasa

Women active in politics or female political aspirants continue to be challenged by the lack of implementation of gender quotas, despite its stipulation in the constitution under Articles 27 (8) and 81 (b). The missing voices of Kenyan female voices at national level, therefore, trickles down to the county and grassroots levels. We advocate for political parties that are gender responsive and supportive of the women agenda.


With increased internet penetration, there are more Kenyans engaging online on diverse issues, however little is being done to increase women’s participation on online platforms, or ensuring that those engaging are safe and making an impact in their fields of expertise. A workshop that was exclusively for women with intermediary knowledge of social media usage was held in Nairobi on August 31st 2018, and focused on Digital Literacy, Content Creation, Digital Storytelling, Understanding Digital Ecosystem, Citizen Journalism and Security online. A total of 40 women were trained during this workshop.

3. Youth Employability, Skilling & Mentorship


At Siasa Place we believe in the transformative power of mentorship. Our dedicated support for community-based organisations encompasses every critical aspect of their development, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in a competitive landscape. We take pride in walking alongside young entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to succeed.

We offer One-on-One Mentorship on:

  • Financial Systems Education
  • Administrative and Documentation Support
  • Efficient Systems – Compliance Guidance
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Strategic Partnerships

Since our inception, we have proudly supported over 20 youth organizations, 4 youth consortiums guiding them through the complexities of launching and sustaining successful ventures. Our holistic approach ensures that these entities are not just surviving but thriving, contributing to the economy and creating a positive social impact.


WritAfrica Mentorship Program, supported by Hewlett Foundation, seeks to improve storytelling skills among young people. The mentorship program was initiated to address the low writing and reading culture among young people in the country and is being implemented in three counties namely: Nairobi, Kakamega and Mombasa. The program seeks to identify budding writers, spoken word artists and illustrators and connect them to mentors who help them harness their skills, as they create content that speaks to different governance issues and thus carry out social accountability on governance issues. Additionally, the program seeks to create a platform for engagement at the community level, as they identify issues and develop advocacy strategies to help solve them while having the process documented.
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