Youth Employability, Skilling, and Mentorship

Engage with our Youth Employability, Skilling, and Mentorship program, focused on enhancing career prospects, skill development, and leadership guidance for young individuals.


At Siasa Place we believe in the transformative power of mentorship. Our dedicated support for community-based organisations encompasses every critical aspect of their development, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in a competitive landscape. We take pride in walking alongside young entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to succeed.

We offer One-on-One Mentorship on:

  • Financial Systems Education
  • Administrative and Documentation Support
  • Efficient Systems – Compliance Guidance
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Strategic Partnerships

Since our inception, we have proudly supported over 20 youth organizations, 4 youth consortiums guiding them through the complexities of launching and sustaining successful ventures. Our holistic approach ensures that these entities are not just surviving but thriving, contributing to the economy and creating a positive social impact.


WritAfrica Mentorship Program, supported by Hewlett Foundation, seeks to improve storytelling skills among young people. The mentorship program was initiated to address the low writing and reading culture among young people in the country and is being implemented in three counties namely: Nairobi, Kakamega and Mombasa. The program seeks to identify budding writers, spoken word artists and illustrators and connect them to mentors who help them harness their skills, as they create content that speaks to different governance issues and thus carry out social accountability on governance issues. Additionally, the program seeks to create a platform for engagement at the community level, as they identify issues and develop advocacy strategies to help solve them while having the process documented.
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