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The need to be considerate when electing leaders – Felix Odhiambo

We are the people guided and guarded by the constitution, we are the same people exploited and used in the face of the constitution. After casting our votes we are left to trek on our muddy roads, we die of hunger while they gamble to measure their powers, we keep yelling every day in the media of how unemployed we are while they keep talking of succession and just like ever before they come to devour us with few notes then we end up pushing them to higher levels of leadership.

There is a difference between a leader and a politician, a leader is one who stands firm for the people and in the interest of the people, a leader is one who values his followers and makes them a priority, a leader is born not made even though most people will defer with this opinion. On the other hand, a politician is one who trades the money game, politicians are not worth it, they are made not born. This a person who climbs the ladder while looking at his or her subjects down on the ground. As much as we have a distinction between leaders and politicians, we also have political leaders. Who is a political leader? A political leader possesses the characteristics of a leader but politically exercises them. Now, contrast the three people and categorize who you voted for. 

Being considerate while voting simply means questioning the integrity of the contestant. Is he worthy to be given a political seat? Has she ever been involved in a scandal before? Is he/she trustworthy enough to deliver the promises he/ she sings about during campaigns? Is he/ she eligible for the position? Being considerate is being free from bias when casting a vote, forgetting about tribal links associated with the contestant, and focusing on electing the perfect leader and not the perfect politician to suit your personal needs through corruption. It is time we elect based on good performance since 2020 has taught us a lot, politicians exercising corruption even as we struggle with the pandemic. 

Written By Felix Odhiambo – Journalist, Blogger, and Writer. 

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