Statement on Extrajudicial Killings in Kenya

DATE: 2nd June, 2020


As Siasa Place we wish to strongly condemn the inhumane and unlawful use of force by the Police on the people during the enforcement of set out guidelines and directives to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus in the Country. We have noted with concern the excessive force meted on citizens violating the guidelines more specifically the nationwide dusk to dawn curfew and wearing of face masks while in public. In recent times, there have been reports of the brutality across the country on people found to violate the guidelines. These acts of brutality and unlawful detention in some cases and extortion should not be allowed where laws exist on how to punish the offenders.

We note with great concern that young people specifically men are highly targeted and also those in informal settlements. According to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) since October 2019 they have received 80 (eighty) cases of police brutality as reported to the Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA) and shockingly 15 (Fifteen) people have been killed and 31 (thirty one) others injured by police officers since Kenya heightened security measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Just this week, a middle-aged man was shot dead in Bondeni area, Mathare Constituency in Nairobi County for allegedly contravening the dusk to dawn curfew order. The man commonly known as Vaite was coming from the Marikiti market where he earns his daily living and was heading ‘home’ when he met his untimely death. This incident sparked protests which went into the night. We condemn this extrajudicial killing and call upon the government to move with speed in prosecuting those involved in the heinous act. Particularly, we ask the Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA) to investigate this incident and charge those found culpable.

While, we appreciate the government’s efforts in combating COVID-19 in the Country, there is need to obey the rule of law and the constitution.

About Siasa Place

Siasa Place is an NGO formed in 2015 that aims to create an enabling environment for youth mainstreaming into our body politic, through inclusion and meaningful participation. 

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