Protecting Your Mental Health amid COVID-19 and Police Brutality – Faith Moraa

A lot has been happening across the world and the news has been overwhelming to watch and listen to everyday. We can’t underestimate the value of mental well- being especially during such a period in our lives. Most of us rely on watching TV as the main source of news but what we don’t understand is how TV can affect our mental well-being. Unlike Radio and Newspaper, TV airs news by both visual and audio, which can create phobia, fear and anxiety issues. According to research conducted by, led by their clinical director – Dr. Sarah Jarvis, shows that among the 2000 people surveyed, those of age 18-24 felt lonely, depressed, anxious, empty and had difficulties sleeping after watching TV news.


For those aged 55 and above were less anxious and less likely to experience mental health problems. We can’t fail to talk about the recent police brutality, not to mention the George Floyd police brutality in the US.


Here in Kenya, the Director of Public prosecutions Noordin Haji, acknowledged that his office has recorded 80 cases of police brutality since October 2019. Looking at such huge numbers, we are prone to panic, fear and anxiety.


How we think, feel and act is influenced. But once a country’s people are in fear, the economy is at risk. A productive nation is when its citizens care for their Mental health, and then, they can build a better economy.


Government figures show that at least one in every four Kenyans suffer from a mental illness at one point in their lives. Taking a deeper look into how social media increases the numbers, it is worrying.  Twitter – the most powerful social media platform, most users on this app have expressed in one of their tweets how they are suffering from mental illness. It can be stress, Depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders.


The tweets are clear, search for the word #Depression or any other mental illness, you’ll see how serious these issues are and the need for Mental health programs in Kenya.

Look at the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #EndPoliceBrutalityKE. An indication of people tired of police brutality and awakening call to give justice to the bereaved families.


Protecting our Mental health is very important, especially during such times. These are some of the guidelines that will help keep your Mental health in check.

  • Start a Daily Routine and Stay Consistent

Having a routine will help you develop a positive mindset especially one that incorporates a regular bedtime and waking time. If you are at home, allocate a working area – so every time you are there, you focus on work.


  • Stay Home, Wear Mask and Wash your hands

Keeping safe is our major responsibility and we ought to accomplish it. While at home, ensure all your surfaces are clean. When out shopping maintain social distance, wash your hands and wear your mask.

Do not overdo any of these measurements that will only increase fear and phobia.

  • Allow your life to go on

Live the moment, allow inner self to come in agreement with your emotions, accept how you feel and know you can do something about it. Acknowledge you are not alone and this shall end.

  • Eat a balanced meal & be consistent with your meal time.

For a healthy mental and psychical state, eat your meals at a selected time to help you balance your mental health and physical equilibrium.

Your Mental wellness is your wealth, take health breaks out of Social Media and create routines to keep you on track.


Faith Moraa Ogega is a Writer, Digital Strategist, Mental health Advocate, Fitness and Lifestyle Enthusiastic and a passionate Performance Coach.


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