Sarah Nyakio

Sarah Nyakio

Board Member

Sarah Nyakio has a multifaceted background in strategic communication, media outreach, and advocacy for feminism and human rights. With an academic foundation that includes a Masters in Communication Studies from the United States International University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Sarah has consistently leveraged her education to advocate for change and amplify marginalized voices.

In her professional journey, Sarah has developed and executed comprehensive communication strategies, managed high-profile media relations, and spearheaded social media campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. Her work has not only demonstrated her ability to craft impactful narratives but also her commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable dialogue.

Sarah's dedication extends beyond her professional endeavors to her passionate advocacy for women's rights and inclusion, particularly in amplifying youth voices in societal discourse. Her strategic thinking, combined with her ability to engage with stakeholders across various levels, has been instrumental in driving forward the missions of the organizations she has been part of.

As a board member, Sarah brings a wealth of experience in navigating complex political landscapes, executing strategic planning and communication campaigns, and advocating for legal and ethical standards in communication.

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