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Chapter 7 of the BBI report exclusively focuses on shared prosperity with nothing totally new if previous or existing policy and legal documents are to go by. The report points out existential economic challenges such as extreme poverty and hunger, unemployment and underemployment especially among young people, extreme income inequality, lack of decent income and rent-seeking.  […]

Sikika Newsletter – Issue No. 3
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The Building Bridges Initiative collected recommendations from 7,000 Kenyans and compiled them in what is now the BBI Report that was released on Wednesday, 27th November 2019 to the public for further discussion. The taskforce was formed to look into 9 matters and recommend solutions by collecting perspectives from the public: How to end ethnic […]

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The unprecedented and historic handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on March ninth 2018 was one event that sent shock waves to not only the political class but Kenyans as well. This is owing to the fact that Kenyan political environment since independence has been characterized by many twists and […]

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Data has always influenced government operations and in the process used as a tool to score political goals. History indicates that invention of statistical procedures has often been instrumental in redistribution of economic resources and economic planning. Ideally, national budgets should be formulated based on data collected by the government. The accuracy or inaccuracy of […]

Sikika Newsletter – Issue No. 2
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Introduction Article 55(b) of the Constitution mandates the state to take measures for the youth have opportunities to be represented and participate in political, social, economic spaces. Further on, in preparation for Africa’s youth bulge and succession planning, cognizant of best practices of the Commonwealth Youth Council, East Africa Youth Commission and Africa Youth Commission, […]

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We live in a country where we anticipate, entertain and pay homage to corruption without guilt nor second thoughts. The integrity as well as the system’s sense of duty has been compromised and is vulnerable to attacks from people entrusted with responsibility. It is very unfortunate and clear that the political class is whining and […]

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One will agree with me in one way or the other that, the drought and hunger situation being experienced in our nation currently is not a calamity or an emergency as being treated and mentioned by our so called leaders. It is something that we see almost annually. Turkana county is one of the most […]

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In life every one of us has their own story, all the stories are unique to that individual just like DNA, and stories may look alike but not the same.T hose before independence, and to date the stories have had 3 issues as the denominator, the issues mostly perceived and determined by the colonialists who […]

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