Should politicians be allowed to carry weapons? – #SiasaWednesday Tweet Chat

2020/01/22 17:00 Online Tweet Chat

In light of the shooting of Dj Evolve and the withdrawal of security detail of VIPs involved in crime, do you think that politicians should be allowed to carry weapons? Join the conversation today on #SiasaWednesday tweet chat from 5-6pm with our guests, Arnold Maliba, Amollo Simba and Griffins Omwenga.

MP Allowance Scam – #SiasaWednesday Tweet Chat

2019/07/17 17:00

MPs currently earn a gross pay of Ksh. 621, 250/-. The gross pay comprises basic salary (60%) and allowances (40%), inclusive of house allowance. The payment of the house allowance to MPs and Senators amounted to double payment of a benefit which was already included by SRC in the gross pay. The recent push by […]

#AgeofConsent Special Tweet Chat

2019/05/16 15:00 Twitter

A call for debate on lowering the age of sexual consent has divided opinion and excited emotions. On the one hand, three appellate judges have called for a candid national discussion on this sensitive and important matter. They say there is need to amend the Sexual Offences Act because some sections can lead to injustice […]

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